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Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Keep Your Carpet Fresh. We Offer Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer results-driven carpet cleaning services to our customers on a one-time basis or as a service that our staff can include in your regular cleaning program. Recurring vacuuming is essential and included with every cleaning, but having your facility’s carpets cleaned on a regular maintenance program, should be a priority for any professional business. 

To achieve the best results in maintaining the appearance of your carpet, you will benefit by scheduling an actual deep cleaning using hot water extraction every 12 to 18 months. Selecting to care for your carpet properly will keep your facility looking great, extend the life of your carpet, and boost your facility’s image.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Process

After our carpet cleaning professionals take a look at your specific needs and condition of your carpet, we will gain a better understanding of the type of care your carpet needs. We are always up-front with our customers and clearly describe the results they can expect to receive.

Once we begin cleaning your carpet, we utilize special industry tools to remove as much lint, dirt and piling as possible.  With the major dirt and debri removed, we can then vacuum the carpet to remove additional dirt left behind. Our industrial vacuums prepare the carpet for washing. 

Before applying full floor cleaning products, we often notice areas that require scrubbing to remove deep stains.  We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions while scrubbing your carpet stains and, if needed, we repeat the scrubbing process to remove the stain and achieve the best result.

Once the deep stains are removed, we apply a eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions evenly throughout the carpeted area. We then use tools designed to brush and dive deep into the carpet in order to release imbedded dirt and bring it to the surface. 

Once the manual work is complete, we then remove the released dirt, debris, and cleaning solution by rinsing the carpet with a hot water extractor. The rinsing process is where you can notice your carpets are looking clean, fresh and inviting. 

Once your carpets have been cleaned, our team of professionals will inspect their work and address any areas that may need additional attention. 



We get it. We Can’t Work Without Our Faithful Pooch by Our Side Either.

Is there such a thing better than having your loyal best friend with you at the office? We don’t think so. With that being said, those of us with pets know that their presence in the office will result in carpet stains, hair accumulation, and lint buildup.  Our carpet cleaning services address all pet-related stains and dirt. We carefully remove pet stains while making sure not to damage your carpet.

Office Dog

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