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Floor Cleaning Services

Our Affordable Floor Cleaning Services

Keep Your Floors Clean And Protected

At 423 Cleaning, we offer floor cleaning services to better care for our customer’s entire business facility. Our extensive experience in floor care and the use of professional-grade, high-quality floor care solutions allow us to deliver exceptional results that delight our customers. 

Maintaining Your Floors With Routine Floor Scrubs

Even with regular scrubbing and mopping, floors lose their shine and become dull over time. Although daily floor sanitation is necessary, disinfecting chemicals can create a build-up that requires deep cleaning to restore the luster and shine of your floors. 

Our Floor Scrub Process

Our floor care technicians know floor care. We use a high-speed rotary brush and professional strength cleaning detergents to remove the tough dirt and build-up. For reaching areas like corners, special tools help us ensure we clean every inch of your floor.

Once the floor scrub is complete and before the cleaning detergent dries, we rinse and vacuum the floor to remove the dirt and debris. Using clean water to rinse the floor, we mop until the water returns clean and let the area dry. 

We Finish Up With Floor Buffing For A Polished Look & Amazing Results

No floor scrub would be complete without buffing the entire floor, which reduces the appearance of scratches, reflects more light and leaves your floor looking freshly polished.

Have you noticed your hard surface floors have been looking dull? Adding our Floor Cleaning Services to your regular cleaning program is easy. Just click the button below and schedule a time for us to visit and learn how we can help. 


Floor Cleaning Service by 423 Cleaning
Vacuuming after Floor Buffing Service

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