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Dental Office Cleaning Services

Dental Office Cleaning Services

Dental Offices comprise 25% of our customer base, so you can imagine we’ve learned a thing or two about Dental Office Cleaning.

423 Cleaning provides professional dental office cleaning services that promote a healthy environment for your patients and staff. Our environmental cleaning practices follow facility cleaning guidelines laid out by the CDC guidelines to ensure we provide you with the highest level of cleaning. While your team is busy tending to patient needs, you can leave the cleaning to us.

Our Dental Office Cleaning Services Can Help Your Business

  • Promote Patient Loyalty
  • Attract New Patients
  • Improve Air Quality
  • Increase Employee Morale
  • Prevent and Control Infection

Here are a few highlights on what you can expect when you partner with us for your Dental Office Cleaning needs.

Patients who enter your facility quickly develop opinions about your dental clinic. We aim to help you make a great first impression and assist you with building long-term relationships with your patients.

Our custom, client-focused cleaning schedules ensure that every area of your dental facility is clean, safe, and ready to greet your patients in a welcoming environment. We thoroughly clean your facility and disinfect reception desks, lobbies, exam rooms, offices, restrooms, and employee lounges.

Lobbies & Exam Room Cleaning

We thoroughly clean your lobby by dusting and disinfecting all hard surfaces. Additional tasks performed while cleaning your waiting room include vacuuming upholstered furniture, vacuuming and mopping floors, and cleaning light switches and door handles. Our cleaning professionals will straighten your reading material, and we’ll arrange items that have shifted throughout the workday.

Exam Room Cleaning

Many procedures take place in dental exam rooms. Trash containers fill up quickly, sinks get much use, and the flooring can collect dirt and contaminants quickly. Cleaning and disinfection of exam rooms are essential in protecting your patients and staff’s health and safety.

We use hospital-grade cleaning solutions to achieve the highest level of cleaning. We perform hard surface dusting and disinfection, trash disposal, sink disinfection, and blind dusting. We regularly clean the baseboards and thoroughly scrub and disinfect the floors.

Our cleaning professionals keep an eye on your paper towels, soap dispensers, and disposable cups, so your staff doesn’t need to spend their valuable time replenishing exam room supplies. 

Restroom Disinfection

The condition of restrooms is a concern for most businesses. Maintaining restroom cleanliness can be time-consuming for your staff. We clean and disinfect your toilets (the bowl and the base), sinks, fixtures, baseboards, soap and paper towel dispensers, and mirrors. The trash accumulating throughout the day is collected, and restroom floors are vacuumed and mopped with disinfectant.

You’ll never have to worry about running out of toiletry supplies. We ensure your restrooms have toilet paper, soap for handwashing, and replenish paper towels. Our cleaning crew will monitor your toiletry supplies and tell you when to reorder.

Office Cleaning

You and your staff deserve a clean, dust-free workspace. Our commercial cleaning professionals follow your customized cleaning schedule to meet and exceed your expectations.

Cleaning office desks, cabinets, blinds, window sills, telephones, and chairs are a standard service for every office cleaning. We’ll collect and dispose of trash and replace trash can liners. And flooring is vacuumed or mopped each time we clean your dental facility.

Breakroom & Staff Lounge Cleaning

Staff breakrooms are often heavily used and can become breeding grounds for order-causing germs and bacteria. We clean and disinfect countertops, tables, chairs, microwaves, sinks, and high-touch surfaces such as door handles and telephones.

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