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Our Cleaning Process

Our Cleaning Process

Promote Improved Air Quality In Your Workspace 

Keeping a clean and dusted workspace reduces allergens that irritate workers and make them unwell. Allergens are in furniture, drapes, rugs, carpets, and other areas. Animals in the work environment can contribute to additional allergens, and many people are susceptible to animal allergies. If you have clutter in your offices or unused areas of your business, there is significant dust, and it is wise to declutter these areas. 

Suppose air quality concerns you or you have carpeted flooring. In that case, consider adding carpet cleaning services to your custom cleaning program to mitigate the number of allergens in your place of business. 423 Cleaning recommends that companies with carpets have them cleaned at least once a year to improve the overall air quality in their business environment. 

Reduce Allergens With Thorough Dusting

Complete Dusting of Your Workspace

Clean Employee and Client Restrooms

Commercial Cleaning Public Bathroom

Commercial Cleaning For Your Entire Business

423 Cleaning’s custom cleaning programs are developed with you to meet your cleaning needs and preferences. We have small businesses that require cleaning once a week or every other week, and we also accommodate large medical clinics that require commercial cleaning seven days a week.

To provide your business with the highest quality of service, we follow your custom cleaning program every time we clean your facility. Standard cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, cleaning entrances and lobbies, disinfecting horizontal surfaces, sanitizing restrooms, trash disposal, breakroom cleaning, office cleaning, and other routine tasks are considered essential duties and included with each cleaning.

More intense cleaning tasks that usually only need to be performed monthly, such as vacuuming under and behind furniture, dusting high/low areas, cleaning baseboards, cobweb control, and other cleaning duties, will be performed according to the directions in your cleaning program.

Although we are here to help you develop your custom cleaning program, the cleaning requirements and the frequency is entirely up to you.

Our Cleaning Process Monitoring & Quality Control

Our professional commercial cleaners utilize our in-house application, which assigns cleaning tasks to individual cleaners. Each cleaning task is recorded as complete once the area is clean. This method of keeping track of the cleanliness of your business facility has proven to be an effective way to monitor our cleaning process and to ensure the cleaning requirements and your expectations are meeting high standards in cleaning. 

423 Cleaning Internal Quality Control Audits

Our quality control team does internal audits on the cleanliness of your facility using our QA software. To measure our work and define new areas that need attention and ways that we can improve, these Quality Control Audits are invaluable. Because we believe in full transparency, the Quality Control Reports are always available to you for review upon your request.


Sanitized Kitchens and Breakrooms

Scrubbing Your Sink in Your Breakroom or Kitchen
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